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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Lunch

How has summer been so far for you?
For me its been eventful! Its been really busy and actually enjoying every single day!

Anyway, today, I got to finally meet up with a friend "A". We come from the same city in India, Bangalore, but we've never been able to connect, thanks to our busy schedules. But this summer, we finally got to meet and today we got to catch up at my place.

Since "A" is very conscious about eating healthy I really did not have to do much thinking. I think its all in our mindset. Its pretty natural that we like eating fried foods and we Indians are pretty bad in it. I love munching on samosas and the fried foods and like and then I am wondering how on earth did I get so chubby?

Anyway, coming to the summer lunch that we had.
I had a very simple menu for today's summer lunch

A cucumber salad
Avacado and tomato salad
Vegetable Pulav
Fruit Salad

Cucumbers filled with carrots and cucumber

Salad made with tomato, basil, bocconcini cheese, basil and balsamic vinegar

Vegetable Pulav

Fruit salad - I had kiwi, pineapple, apple and strawberries all diced with mint as garnish.

It was a light summer lunch that we both enjoyed. "A" - So Good to have got together after so many years.

I wish summer would not end now. I've been having too much fun!

All pictures via me

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  1. The lunch looks delicious!! Love those cucumber cups. Avacado looks good too.


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