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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Feature: DEVIKASART

A warm welcome to Devika Keskar of Devikasart

"My paintings are explorations of various media and textures and show my unrestrained obsession with color. I paint whatever catches my fancy, sometimes a color scheme will compel me to start a painting and at other times an image from nature will." - Devika Keskar

Devikasart  really caught my eye and I am so delighted to feature her beautiful work to all of you. Devika Keskar is an architect by profession. She has dabbled with pottery, ceramics, painting children's furniture and oil paintings but has found that her most favorite form of expression is through her paintings. Her paintings are vivid, with striking bright colors that simply enamor you. US Residents enjoy free shipping when you purchase her artwork.

Red Poppy
Original painting 12"x12"

How long have you been an artist?
I am an arcitect by profession and have done one or the other art form for a long time, but been consistently painting now for 3-4 years.

The Buddha
Acrylic on Canvas 24"x24"

What are your sources of inspiration?
I would say the greatest source of inspiration for me is nature. Also, I draw a lot from the Indian culture, its fabrics, weaves and jewelry.

Hawaii Florals 24"x54"

How many hours a day do you spend to create a painting?
3-4 hours at least, depends on what stage my piece is in and when I aim to have it completed.

Large Peacock abstract painting - 30"x40"

What is your favorite art related website?
I love I like seeing fresh pieces done by artists everyday.

Any artistic goals?
I want to continue to paint and create artwork in vivid colors and rich textures and one day also be able to make a living off of this ! I will continue to experiment with different materials and have a very varied, rich portfolio.

Modern abstract painting acrylic on canvas- 8"x16"

Any exciting moments as an Artist?
My first commissioned piece was very exciting. The very idea that someone loved what I created and wanted me to create more pieces for them was very fulfilling and validating.

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  1. Hey, Devika,
    loved your atypical peacock and poppy....I remember you were one of the few who "got" how Mrs K(dunno why her name's eluding me at the moment...Khanegaokar?)at St Joseph's turned three circles into a very proportionate elephant! I'm sure you'll make a killing (not just a living) off of this talent very soon..Besht luck re!


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