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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yoga and children

My tryst with Yoga goes back to my school days. I studied at Sophia High Schooll, Bangalore, India and I vividly remember the Grade 6 days when we had our Yoga sessions. Our Yoga teacher made it a lot of fun   and learning the Surya Namaskara is something I will never ever forget.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids
I suffer from low back pain and I have taken to Yoga to help alleviate this pain. Seeing me practice Yoga, my 5 year old daughter once showed me an asana that took me by surprise. Apparently, in her school, somebody was teaching them yoga positions. Happy to see this urge to learn Yoga, I bought The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. This is a book with beautiful illustrations of the asanas and so easy to do. You can really do a complete workout with your children and keep them involved. Its A TO Z remember! Seeking an activity which is fun for you and the kids, I suggest you buy this book. I have already bought one for my nephew K, my nieces V, P and T. I hope they will enjoy this as much as my daughter M is doing.

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