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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cupcake Theme Party for M

Over the weekend we had a cupcake theme party for M.

It was a fun party for the cupcake in our lives with her friends.

I baked and decorated the birthday cake and topped it off with a cupcake. Its supposed to look peach but its looking orange here.

The setting before the guests came. 

The Mason jars are filled with water and a pinch of red food colouring. Thinking healthy...with all that sugar rush!

I think as kids grow older there's less stress during the party. But definitely the preparation takes a bit of planning.

Guests decorated their own cupcakes. Each guest got to decorate 4 and take home 4.

One of the games was Pin the cherry on the cupcake. I found this bag with cupcake prints and hung it on the wall. Since it had several cupcakes, the kids had to pin the cherry atleast on one cupcake.
A fun game!

Another game was picking up cupcake liners in 20 seconds using oven mittens. Looks easy.

Once everyone had eaten cake we opened presents and then the girls sat down to play a board game.

Each guest left with a goody bag.  I had earlier picked up some tee shirts with cupcake prints for each guest.

Weekends can really rush past. But the best thing one needs to do is -

I found these printables for the cupcake party -
Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake print from here 
Cupcake wrappers from here 
Cupcake prints and tags from here 

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