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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sanjay Patel's Books on Hindu Deities

I came across Sanjay Patel's Ghee Happy the other day. Sanjay Patel is an established animator and design artist at Pixar. See his beautiful work at Ghee Happy.

Today is Ahoi Ashtami. I am fasting for my daughters and this evening I will be presenting them 2 books by Sanjay Patel. 

The Little Book of Hindu Deities

Beautiful animated pictures that come with stories.

and  The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities

This book is in the form of large posters and hence you can take them out and reuse the pictures.

I bought them from the local Book store and I plan to use the posters later as  decor at home. 

If you are a parent who lives away from India, you will be delighted with these books. I think its a wonderful way to get them to learn about the Hindu culture and the Gods and Goddesses that we revere. 

I cannot wait to present them to my daughters and see their reaction this evening. 

Image courtesy: All images from Sanjay Patel's Ghee Happy

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