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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Pitaara Arm Candy from Aniika

I am in love with this Clutch purse that I bought from Aniika. Made by Bangalore based designers R Nagranee of Pitaara Brand, this cute clutch purse is small. It will hold your iphone, in case you are wondering how big it is. And of course you noticed the Paisley prints dint ya? Well, I bought it because I love the combination of the Saffron and Fuchsia pink and of course the Paisley prints is an added bonus.  You know it helps to be part of newsletter, because you get to see the deals first and get them. Like this purse...its now ALL SOLD OUT.  And I was lucky to get them FIRST.  And well, talking about newsletters, if you do subscribe to Ahkriti Newsletters, then come December 1, 2012 you will receive a coupon code that is exclusively for newsletter subscribers who get 80% off all jewelry designs.

And if  you love Indian Inspired designs, you will love ANIIKA. Check out ANIIKA HERE

Another view of the purse. 

I cannot wait to show it off at the next Christmas parrrty!

All picture courtesy: Aniika


  1. Cute little purse! I love the color combination too.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. The color and design aon this clutch is really fantastic. This clutch can easily be wear any where.
    Wedding silver swarovski bag


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