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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Navarathri

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Celebrating Nine Nights of the Divine Goddess Durga..

The first 12 customers who spend $20 at my online shop Ahkriti gets one beautiful handmade Batwa or coin purse. These pretty coin purses are made of leather and block print fabrics. Limit one per sale. I get to pick the color and send it to you.


  1. Thank you for your good wishes! May you enjoy the Festival in your usual way too! I was born in India (when it was still British India), so anything like items always catches the eye. Will be following you, having met you on the Mercantile Muse latest blog party. Hope you'll return the favour: it would be good to have some Indian friends on board too!

    All the best - afraid, having left India at age 7-1/2, I cannot remember how to say All the best in Tamil (which is what I used to speak better than English - so I am told!)


  2. A very happy navarathri to you..loved your space and those coin purses too look absolutely stunning.


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