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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diwali gifts for Children

Diwali, the Indian festival of Lights will be celebrated this year on November 13, 2012. 

As a tradition, my husband and I buy gifts for our daughters M and N. And this year we decided to give them a story book about Diwali. It also come with a Flash card set. Isn't that nice?

Get this Diwali book and flash card set at Gnaana Here

A beautiful diya note card is attached to the gift.  Complimentary from Gnaana.

Image courtesy of picture no 1 above Gnaana
picture no. 2 via me


  1. Awesome List of Diwali Gifts for Children

  2. yes, this is a best diwali gifts idea's for children because Diwali gifts can make anyone happy who lacks happiness in life.

  3. What a lovely gift for your girls. I am sure they will enjoy them for years.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Thanks for creating Diwali gift ideas for kids with a difference. Children will now know about Diwali in an informative way, without busy parents taking time to explain it to them. I am sure my children will be delighted!

    1. Thanks Smita! My husband and I try in our way to make Diwali more special!

  5. Nice Diwali Gifts , Happy Diwali to all my friends. Celebrate with your family and friends.

    Thanks Rasu
    from 365greetings

  6. Good idea of gifting story books.Children are like fresh flowers of garden. This Diwali make them cheer by gifting delicious chocolates & sweets.

    1. Living in Canada, its hard for my kids to associate Indian festivals easily. For them its all about Christmas. To make it special and memorable, I give them gifts that are not edible and hence the books. Chocolates and sweets are of course a great idea...but they do eat them anyways!


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