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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom design: Haath Panja or Slave bracelet

Gosh!August is already here and its really zipping past!

Well, travel bug has caught us and as you know its been quite great ride from coast to coast.

Anyway, while I was in Vancouver, a very dear friend of mine Eileen wanted me to design her a haath panja or a slave bracelet. So I finally made this. I knew when I set my eyes on these beautiful matte gold lotus flowers the design was coming.

My chubby and small hands are wearing it. Obviously Eileen has slender and long hands. I am hoping she will like it.

With 11 matte gold lotus flowers and one large pendant, this Haath panja has an adjustable ring and end with a toggle and clasp.

This design was not very time consuming, but getting the right pieces did take some time. But I am so happy with its outcome, I am hoping Eileen will like it as well! 

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  1. Very cool bracelet, the lotus flowers are beautiful.
    Everyday Inspired


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