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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mysore Sandal Soap

For those who have lived in  Bangalore, India will know how fancy and wonderful the sandal wood soap smells. For the longest time I thought the company manufacturing this sandal wood oil soap was closed...until I chanced to see this here. I am getting pretty nostalgic, because when I was younger, my mother would buy these soaps every year during Diwali. The company manufacturing this soap was founded in 1916 as  The Government Sandalwood Oil factory by the then Maharaja of Mysore Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar and his Diwan Sir M. Viveswaraya. It is now known as  Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd. To know more about the this company and its unique sandalwood products please go here 

So if you want to surprise somebody with this truly one of a kind product of  INDIA, buy this 125 g sandalwood soap for $6 available at Brook Farm General Store. And if you are based in India, it is available at Cauvery Handicrafts showroom, Bangalore.

Image credit: Brook Farm General Store

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