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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Feature:TERYYO

"There is nothing that replaces a handwritten card" says Tery Young the creator behind TERYYO and I totally agree with her. 

Tery Young a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, USA began learning Hindi in the year 2007 along with her husband Landon and says learning Hindi "has truly opened our eyes to a new culture and a way of thinking. In addition to learning a new language, it has been a truly wonderful experience and adventure".

बधाई हो  or Congratulations 

After a refresher course on how to design cards and make hindi stamps, Tery decided to open her store TERYYO on etsy in August 2011. "My love of color, especially those found in Indian inspired prints along with the Hindi language, really goes into my thought process when I design my cards".  And these you can see  in her cards in Hindi  that say Badhaai Ho,Dhanyavaad and Maaf  Keejiye.

धन्यवाद  or Thank You

In addition to learning Hindi, Tery is learning Gujarati as well and says she enjoys it more than Hindi. Tery also says that she  is a foodie, enjoys travelling and loves to visit the local art museum.

माफ़  कीजिए  or I am Sorry

Like her cards? They are available here.

You can also follow her on her blog

I am totally bowled over with these cards in hindi and I know I will be using them to say Thank you or धन्यवाद to all my clients who shop my jewelry

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of these one of a kind  हिंदी cards

All images of Tery Young


  1. Thank you so much, Reshma, for featuring me on your blog! I definitely view it as a privilege.

    You make wonderful work! We are truly an Etsy family!

  2. How pretty! Love the prints and the fact that the messages are in Hindi, that must make it very personal..

  3. These are great and one of a kind and very the print on last one.

  4. What an interesting idea - I wonder why Tery hit on Hindi though - what made her pick that particular language?? Fun though :)


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