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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rocking Rallyst:Suma Alva Rai

Today I introduce you to Suma Alva Rai a homemaker but now a glorious champion of the Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi Women's Car Rally 2011. Here is her story of how she got herself ranked as the first runner up under the mixed category of the women's rally beating the odds.

Suma Alva Rai, an Arts Graduate from Mangalore University, India, is a homemaker based in Noida, India. Suma has 2 young children and wanted to do something different and achieve something in her life. She chanced to see the Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi Women's Car Rally 2011 on facebook and thought of participating in it. After all, there was  nothing to lose.  But then, there were cogs in the wheel- her daughter's exams and the motor rally dates were clashing and Suma's husband was unhappy about this. And then, she was an amateur in motor rallying. Big question on how to go about it?

But then, eventually, her husband agreed to let Suma participate. A friend Kapil Bahri offered to be the navigator and he underwent a one day session for navigation skills with Sudesh Brar. With tips from Suma's brother Umakanth Alva who used to be an avid motor rallyist once upon a time, the team now all pumped up with encouragement from family, friends and rally organizer Karuna Sharma the team was all geared up for the rally.

The 2 day rally held on September 24-25, 2011 was a rally based on Time Speed and Distance. (TDS) The participants were to maintain a certain speed and had to reach certain destination or check points at a given time. If participants reached the check point earlier then specified, there were penalties for doing so. 

The event was flagged off at DLF Place, Saket, Delhi. The route was through Suraj Kund, Sohna, Firozpur Jhirka, Tijara, Alwar, Madho Garh to Talvraksha, Pratap Garh, Ramgarh and straight to Jaipur and then return to Delhi via Nahargarh Biological Park, Shahpur and Viratnagar.

Overcoming the TDS factors the team  of Suma Alva Rai and Kapil Bahri became  first runner up in the amateur Mixed category.  For an amateur who just came to participate, it was not only a big surprise,it was a dream come true. And her husband who was unhappy at first, is now very proud of this great achievement! 

Congratulations Suma! Hope to see you doing this more often!

All images:Suma Alva Rai

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  1. An inspiration to all women who want to live their dreams no matter the aspirations are small or big.


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