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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sari App

In India, saris are a fashion statement and  if you know how to drape a sari,  you can sashay down any event, wearing this Indian attire like the bollywood divas!

How many of you have struggled to drape a sari?
Okay, perhaps you know how to drape it, but drape it well enough that it stays on your waist? 

Ah! If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Sari App is for you! Thanks to Bhavna Sharma and Siddhartha Bannerjee, this App is available to women the world over who love wearing this Indian attire but did not know how to.

Download  it onto your iphone or ipod and in 5 simple steps you are done and raring to go baby! 

Sari App Features:

•Illustrative and verbose full-screen almanac
•HD quality step-by-step video tutorial
•No WiFi/EDGE/3G connection required to access content
•FAQs on Sari drape answered
•Friendly navigation User Interface
•Optimized for Retina Display
•Facebook and Twitter page integration
•Includes launch video full version
•iOS 4.2 tested
•Supports iOS 3.2 or later

So go ahead - download the Sari App! You will never need help but just your iphone or ipod. Wear those kanjeevarams, chiffons and more with ease and confidence!

Image courtesy: sariapp

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  1. Ha! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I appreciate them so much! I only just realised you write a blog too from the URL you left in your last comment. Previously, you've left your etsy shop link (which is lovely by the way!) and I hadn't realised you have a blog.

    Glad I found you here, anyway, love love love your features and inspirations!

    Meera xx


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