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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Feature:Dear Li'l Devas

Hello and a warm welcome to everybody! Its Earth Day today and I am so happy to feature Dear Li'l Devas 

Dear Li'l Devas is a Toronto based company that specialises in yoga wear and accessories. 

How many of you are into Yoga? Well even if you are not, like moi, you must pay a visit to this online store. Dear Li'l Devas products are made from bamboo and high quality cotton. Rosie Connor, Founder and Designer Dear Li'l Devas takes immense pride in stating that all her products are made to order in a benevolent, non-factory environment, and that the resulting "good vibes" make this company what it is!

So how did I stumble upon this store? After the birth of my elder daughter,  I was looking for some comfortable pants to wear at home. While scouting online I literally stumbled upon this website, ordered their best selling pants - the 100% Dream Yoga Pants and I vouch that they are the most comfortable pants I have. Lively selection of colors that will leave you truly happy! With retail stores and yoga studios in Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand carrying the line, this Canadian designer and her company are raring to go places. 

Come  take  a peek at their unique collection-

100% Dream Yoga Pants -
 lightweight and they get softer after every wash. 

They really are the most comfortable pants. I own one in the color Teal
Available for both men and women.

Fleece yoga pants

100% polyester fleece (recycled materials go into the making of this unique fabric) and really really Warm...est! pants. Available for men and women 

Bamboo Tank Tops for women

Yoga bloomer pants for young girls Ages 8 - 14 years

Easy load yoga mat bag 

As the name friendly bamboo Bandannas

Want more of these?You can shop HERE

Connect with Rosie Connor at

Online store

For store details and other information
Stores : Studios and Stores

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  1. I love wearing bamboo textiles so thanks for sharing this discovery of yours, Reshma. I'm off to explore their range.


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