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Monday, April 2, 2012

Ethnic anklets

Its that time of the year to show off your feet and sport the anklets.

These are mughal inspired anklets...and yea my favorite kinds.

I love this style too, but it looks more bridal. 

The everyday anklet.

And this one is very tribal and ethnic. But its pretty nevertheless.

So - What's your style?

Heavy or dainty anklets?


  1. These are breathtaking anklets! Very nice!

  2. Those are very beautiful but alas, too old to wear anklets!

  3. Those are stunning! I've always thought Indian style anklets were the most sexy design. They hug and drape the lower ankle and foot in such a way - I have a beautiful blue stone and silver one I picked up from a little Indian shop in Virginia. My absolute fave!


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