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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wrapping jewelry in Origami envelopes

I love Origami and I try to use it in packaging my jewelry. But for some reason, the boxes that I made increase my shipping costs when I ship them outside of Canada, so I was wondering how to cut my costs there.Home made Gifts Made Easy is a wonderful place to learn how to gift wrap and I have found a lot of inspiration from here

I am gearing up for my second craft show this April and I just happened to learn a new way to package my jewelry. A big thank you to Stephanie and her husband Tobias of Home Made Gifts Made Easy who overnight sent me a tutorial video on how to make these beautiful origami envelopes. Get the HOW TO here

I have to make 100 of these envelopes so that they can be put in a swag bag for the Made by Hand Show. 

I plan to put my business card with a pair of earrings in each envelope. I like that they are secure and come flat. Easy packaging and they look beautiful.

Are you an Origami fan like me? If you are a jewelry designer, how do you package your jewelry? Do you use a box? For the chunky and heavy jewelry that I design, I definitely use boxes, but for earrings, these are my new packages.


  1. Oh those are lovely! I have been thinking of a way to reduce packaging and this seems a great idea.

  2. Lovely idea, especially since there's no use of tapes! Am trying to figure out how to do this

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