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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Pony Party for N

We celebrated my daughter N's birthday over the weekend.

It was a pony themed party and was a blast. Here are some pictures of the party. I had so much fun organizing it.

Party prep before the guests arrived. We were expecting 10 friends and their parents.

N's bestie had presented her this Barbie toy and pony for christmas last year. It was perfect and I used it as part of the table decor.

I wanted to bake an ombre cake but N wanted pink and yellow so I ended up doing this.

I made N put sprinkles on the cake and placed her toy pony named Caramel on the cake.

Since I had extra buttercream frosting left over, I decided to get some ice cream cones frosted. The cones were filled with smarties inside.

We had the Pony rides for all the kids. A Pony was hired from Ponies r Us. A beautiful 12 year old pony Chayenne gave the kids a ride.

It was a beautiful day with the sun out and a cool breeze. The kids were all having a great time. Luckily we live very close to a park, so the ride was at the park which is across our home.

My elder daughter and her friend are monkeying around.

Birthday parties are so much fun with besties around you! While the other kids were taking a ride, the besties had so much to catch up on!

Treating Chayenne with apples.

We came home to cut the cake.

Once the cake was cut, the kids were fed with snacks, they were all set to paint.
The stage was set! I had horse silhouettes stuck on canvas. The kids had to colour them.

We had a good 20 minutes of silence as the kids painted away.

And then here are the beautiful masterpieces!

I had some games lined up for the kids. Simple games like passing the parcel. Picking up apples from a bucket by biting and dumping into another basket, balancing sugar cubes on a spoon and filling up a glass in 30 seconds. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Anyway, once dinner was done, presents were opened, the kids were given their goody bags.
With all that sugar high, the munchkins were all set to dance too.  

This party ended at about 10 pm in the night. 

A great Saturday night, where the birthday girl rocked, the friends had fun and so did the parents.

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful day, full of fun! You are so creative when you decorate for parties, I always struggled with ideas when I did my daughters parties. The best party I ever did was when I gathered the family and went to surprise her on her 20th birthday at school. She cried I cried it was the best:)


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