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Monday, July 30, 2012

Shopping at Shopo

Of late, there has been a deluge of online websites selling Indian handmade goodies. And that's great news for people who live overseas because most of them ship international!

If you have not heard of Shopo, then you must check it out. From Decor accessories, apparel, jewelry and saris, you will be amazed to see the kind of wonderful Indian artists that they have got at Shopo. Beware its hard not to buy and you can end up making a hole in your wallet!

Papier mache lamp from Beeja at Shopo

Handpainted tray from Novel Ideas at Shopo

Vibrant ladles in the kitchen from Matsya at Shopo

And what did I buy?

The shopping bug hit me like crazy and  I could not stop myself this time round, I bought  a whole bunch of these cute coin pouches which I will use to give away special customers of Ahkriti. They come in bright colors like blue, yellow and orange.

Coin pouches from Matsya at Shopo

I also got a pair of these lotus shaped ceramic lamps too.
Tea lights from Matsya at Shopo

These tea light holders I bought some months back and I had to share them as well.

Tea light holders from Varnam at Shopo

All pictures: Courtesy Shopo

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