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Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello everybody! Hope you have had a great weekend!

Today, I welcome Mehuli, of Jhumki designs by Raindrops - a jewelry studio for  gorgeous handmade jewelry  and accessories. Mehuli uses quality gemstones, gold, copper and lace in her creations. Come and get to  know her and see her unique creations. 

1. Please tell us about yourself.

I am a designer interested in design at different scales from jewelry, architecture to urban design. I currently work in LA as an urban designer. My passion extends to painting, photography and cooking as well. My happiness lies in creation in its various forms. I also love watching nature's creation at work with botanics and gardening. If I'm not creating you will find me in a quaint coffee shop if accessible! 

2. What is the story behind Jhumki designs by Raindrops

I started playing with wire with a goal of selling online to combat the recessesion after I graduated from my masters program and had to leave New York city due to the lack of work. It was stress relieving for me to create and it gave me a chance to apply some basic principles I had learned in architecture school. I had always doodled similar designs inspired from my background in india. I was able to turn this into a physical form that is functional. I was greatly inspired by other wire wrapping artists on etsy whom I was able to make friends with. that is the long story short version of the nearly year and a half old Jhumki - designs by raindrops.
3. What inspires you to bring in the new collections

The new collections at jhumki designs by raindrops are presented to buyers with inspiration from traditional ideas from india that hold quite close to my heart. The intent behind the pieces are communicated through sanskrit titles and an accompanying poem/prose that conveys the intention of the piece to its best.
4. If you were not designing these beautiful accessories, what would you be doing?

I don't just design jewelry. I am an architect and urban designer based in LA. If I wasn't using my free time in jewelry it would probably be used in creating something other than jewelry!

5. How do you showcase or market your designs?

I use my facebook page for getting the word out there. im probably not the best at marketing. I use basic methods such as business cards that I hand out and include in my packaging. 

6. Connect with Mehuli of Jhumki designs by Raindrops on 

Facebook  :www.
Twitter      : twitter- mehuchan

Thank you Mehuli for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Image courtesy: Jhumkidesigns

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