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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Feature: ARM CANDY FOR YOU

A warm welcome to Priti of Arm Candy For You

Priti who has a background in Engineering and also armed with an MBA is the owner of Arm Candy For You, an online store for beautiful handmade purses, bags and clutches.  She is  married to an Officer who serves in the Indian Army. She candidly tells us about herself and her business. Lets get to know her!

Please Tell us about yourself

*I love to cook and share my recipes.
*I love walking down the wet roads after a bout of rains smelling the earth!
*I love chocolates and cannot avoid them despite my resolutions to cut down & loose weight!
*I love making goodies for my daughter !
*I love crafting & learning new things!
*Most of all I love my family!

What got you started to design bags

I quit my day job after my daughter's birth & had lot of free time on my hands. I then discovered Etsy .I just used to love watching the bags and purses on etsy for hours on end and then I realized it was something I could do myself. I started with simple pleated totes and with time I graduated to designing and making more complicated leather bags,silk & wedding clutches and so on. I also design pdf patterns for those who are just starting out and would like to try their own skills!

Set of 2 Handmade Silk and Gold Turquoise 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration  from my daughter who loves all things beautiful and oohs and ahs over my new designs. That inspires me to make better and beautiful bags. I am also inspired a lot by nature,the shapes of all things natural 
push me to try my hands on things unusual ,shapes untried and silhouettes uncommon!

Messenger Style Travel Bag

How are your bags different from others in the market?

My bags are different as you will not see the same bag listed 10 times in my shop! Chances are if you buy something,you are the only one in the world or one of the 2-3 to own it! They are truly One of a Kind (OOAK). Sadly Etsy is overrun by the shops producing bags like a sweat shop,you will find 100's others carrying same purse as you but NOT in my shop.

Pleated Silk Clutch Purse

Do you have any favorite designers?

I am my own favorite  designer. On a serious note I love Amy Butler's work.

What is that ONE thing that stands out in your bags?
Their being One of a Kind (OOAK)! I use unusual Indian fabrics which are hard to come by & most importantly right from buying the fabric,to creating the template,cutting ,interfacing,sewing,packaging & dropping them off to Post Office,  single -handedly done by me !

I try to create world class products with ethnic Indian aura through my purses artistically crafted in different materials like pure leather,vegan leather ,exquisite Indian silks & brocades,jute & linen. Hope you like them!

Frame Purse in Silk

7. How do you promote your creations.

I usually post them on my Facebook page and tweet them, blog occasionally ,am very active in Etsy forums wI here I have made many a friends & who have eventually shopped with me.

Connect with Priti at 

Email  :
Twitter :armcandyforyou

For women our bags sure is THE EYE CANDY. I love the Priti's  beautiful designs especially the silk clutch 
purse. Unique, affordable with that Indian touch truly makes Priti's designs a MUST have in your collection. 

All images from Arm Candy For You

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