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Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Birthday Party

We celebrated our daughter's second birthday on Saturday, May 14, 2011. The theme was a garden party with a hint of bollywood. As the weather Gods were not in favor of us having it out on the patio, (yes it was raining on Saturday) we had to change our plans from PLAN A to PLAN B.

To brighten up a very muggy day...a burst of color to welcome the guests.

I was hoping that it would be a very sunny and bright day...but it was raining cats and dogs! Anyway,rainbow pinwheels definitely brightened up the front pathway. So there!

The real deal, flowers floating in water

Paper tissue flowers made by yours faithfully and put up by my friend Aradhana Sharma. We had actually put up flowers on the ceiling as well, but I forgot to take the pictures....Darn!

That's my princess here....

I really like that message....

Elephants to welcome guests.

This printable template of the bunting and cutouts can be purchased at BirdCraftsShop


I had a few games lined up for the kids.

One of the games was musical flowers very similar to musical chairs. I had colored foam sheets spread around the room. Music would be on. Once the music stopped, children had to found standing on the foam sheet. The one not on the sheet was out of the game. The winner would get a prize.

 I had used these pre-cut paper flowers for another game. The children had to throw and fiill a basket with these flowers within a time frame of 30 seconds. A fun game

Pinning the bees/bugs on the flower. 
Kids were blindfolded and they had to place their bug/bee closest to the circle marked. This was  a fun game as well.

I also had a game for the ladies. I had a clear box filled with beads. The ladies had to guess (a) the number of beads in the box and (b) guess what was the first word my daughter-  the birthday girl had said. The winner got a handmade necklace made by me. A beautiful lampwork flower beads with white dracona carved beads


The Birthday Cake....

(Do you see the BIG goof up here?)

The Menu

The menu for the party was an Indian spread. We had catered the food from an Indian restaurant called Kwalitys. 

We had chefs making fresh rotis for us. The menu was baingan masala, methi matar malai, aloo gobi, masala chicken, gulab jamun, matar pulav.

The Goodies 

Colored pails filled with jelly lollipops and flavored candies and a flower themed pencil and erasor.
The bollywood themed box and bag templates is from BirdCraftsShop

Image courtesy - Vivek Sandell, Reshma Sandell, Tulika Datta


  1. Oooh, that curry has my name on it!! :D I LOVE Indian food!! Thanks for the shout out!! Such a fab party!! :)


  2. Hi Reshma, love the blog entry and what a great party yesterday!! The pictures really capture everything perfectly!!

  3. Hi Reshma, I am in love with the beautiful pinwheels. What a lovely picture! Thanks for a great party.

  4. wow...what a colourful and rocking party it must have been! Love the snaps and details :-)

  5. I absolutely love the pictures from this party. What a wonderful idea and executed so thoughtfully.


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