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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kanjeevaram Saris

Kanjeevaram saris is a brand and it gets its name from the temple  town of Kanchipuram in south India. Kanjeevaram saris are heavy silk saris and this brand can be distinctly noticed because of its bright bold colors. I have always had an affinity for kanjeevaram silk saris because of their exquisite and contrasting pallus (the loose end of sari).

The vibrant colors in maroon, russet, vermilion red, purple, emerald green, mustard, peacock blues and the  make the kanjeevaram saris an elegant statement! An Indian Bride's trousseau is incomplete without one.

Scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, temple designs and birds and animal motifs make the Kanjeevaram saris very bold and captivating.

Bollywood Actress Sridevi in a gorgeous mustard yellow and maroon Kanjeevaram

Highly regarded Indian Playback singer Asha Bhosle in a classic Kanjeevaram saree
Image via

Beautiful gold and turquoise Kanjeevaram sari 
Image via

Beautiful bird motifs on a Kanjeevaram sari pallu
Image via

A beautiful black Kanjeevaram saree with paisley motifs on the border and pallu

If you would like to know how to drape sari, you may please visit my post on the  Sari App


  1. I have always been fascinated by Indian culture. I read and tweet 'Little India' regularly and my new favorite Nick Jr. clips are the stories of 'Maya the Indian Princess.' I love the food, clothing, religion, color - such an amazing nation.

  2. What beautiful saris! Such a delight for the eyes! For my bridal shower, my wonderful friend decorated my hands with henna. Her mother brought me back a beautiful red sari as a gift and was able to help me put it on. I still treasure it today!

  3. @The Everything Soap Blog

    Really had no idea about the Nick Jr program. My daughters would be delighted when it comes here to Canada

  4. @Alessandra @ Tribal Times
    Wow! A red sari. That must be something. Am so happy you stopped by!

  5. kanjeervaram saree and thats too getting advertised in Indian beauty. This is what I will call the indian beauty and culture together. Love it.

  6. I just love my sarees - it is a shame there aren't enough occasions to wear them
    Neena Shilvock

    1. Yes! I have so many to flaunt around, but not that many occasions either.


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