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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kite Party for N

Over the weekend we celebrated Miss N's birthday. She loves flying kites (who does not?) and what better idea for a birthday party right?

I found this print here  and put it to good use on the table.

This time round I did not go all crazy about the decorations because it was mostly an outdoorsy party.

I tried my best on getting the cake right. I still have a long way to learn but the birthday girl was happy with the outcome. Yup, that's the birthday cake baked and decorated from scratch.

Tried my hand at baking some kite shaped sugar cookies.

Kept the decorations to a bare minimum this time round.

As soon as the guests arrived we all headed over to the park with kites. Unfortunately that day, there was hardly any wind, so the children had to run with their kites. It was fun for them as they ran with colourful kites in their hands. And boy they were exhausted by the end of an hour. 

We came back home and then cut the cake and got ready for the games. 

Before we started we let the kids all chill with blowing bubbles. They were all happy to make a bed of bubbles on the grass. 

Added some balloons on the fence. Kids were given a toy gun to aim and try and hit the balloons in 3 shots. 

Boys and girls loved doing it.

We also had pin the bow on the kite's string. Got my elder daughter to draw the kite etc on a large cardboard paper.  Made good use of a large bow clip the girls had to be used for the game.  

There was an obstacle race that we had too. But forgot to take pictures of that. But lots of running around which kept the kids busy. 

I also had some chalkboard paper on which all the kids were asked to decorate with chalk. A fun activity that they all enjoyed and got to take home.

I also made good use of printed paper. This was the backdrop to take some group pictures.

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