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Monday, March 24, 2014

Peacock theme birthday party

On Saturday, we celebrated my daughter M's birthday. Influenced by her mom's love for peacocks M wanted to have a peacock theme party. And of course I jumped to organize it for her and her lovely friends.

Organizing a party with a theme has its pros and cons. The pros are you can stick to a color and look for only specific items. The cons are you can go a bit over the hill and spend....

Anyway since I am into peacocks and very readily had some peacock decor at home, it was kind of a breeze. The only thing daunting was the cake.

I had taken some cake decorating classes and M wanted a peacock feather on it. And since I am so bad in drawing, I really had the jitters.

Anyway, I ended up baking the cake and decorating it. But it took me a good 2 days to come up with this cake.

For starters I had to get that cake drum decorated, so instead of using fondant, I had icing sugar coated on it. That had to rest for a whole day before I set the cake on it. The original plan for the buttercream frosting on the cake was supposed to be teal, but somehow this color came up when I was mixing the colours and voila, it matched with the peacock cut out.  This is a very simple decorated cake, but very stressful for me because its the first time I baked and decorated a birthday cake.  I wanted to make a peacock feather on the face of the cake. That was the original plan, but since this cake was an 8 inch cake and my handwriting is rather large, I decided to just put a paper peacock cutout.  Coincidentally, the colors of the cake matched the peacock cutout.

I had these peacock masks as part of the decor. Was thinking of giving it as part of the giveaway. But didn't have time to make 10 of them.

But in hindsight, I think I should have made more. Perhaps for another party.

I had this beautiful peacock platter and stand at home. I put the peacock platter on an easel so its beauty could be seen by all.

This is what is written on the platter.


" Many colors can be seen, 
Mainly Blue with hints of Green,
Particularly colours match my eyes
Feather glistening
What a surprise"

My daughter M loves lockets and wanted me to make her one. So a thought came to my mind to make lockets in peacock colors for all her friends. They look so lovely, I am thinking of getting some at my SHOP in the next month.

Since there had to be one group activity, I decided to get some wooden alphabets for each guest with their initials. Got some stickers, peacock print paper and bright blue glitter glue.
Such a fun activity. And this is what my daughter made. Not a very messy activity. As soon as the girls arrived and we cut the cake, I got them to decorate the alphabets. When it was time to go home, the glue had dried up and they could put them in their goody bags.

I was lucky to get some peacock print bags at the local craft store.

I made these large paper flowers too. I took a picture of each guest with the large teal paper roses. I made these from strong crepe paper. 

Kept the food rather simple. Since kids hardly eat and the excitement is crazy, I had pizza, chips and juice.

One of the games was Pin the tail on the peacock. Since M loves to draw, I got her to draw a peacock and put circles as tails around it. I also got some peacock print cutouts.  Each guest when blindfolded had to place the cutouts on a circle on the paper.  I made a mark on it with the names. The one's closest to a circle or the one who placed the paper circle was declared a winner.

The party ended with M opening up her presents.

Thank you for stopping by and reading...

I will see you again later in the week.

All pictures are taken by Reshma.


  1. Oh boy, this is too good Reshma, the attention to detail and the execution. You baked that lovely cake! And the platter, and the bags, and the.... everything seems perfect. Your girl must have been super happy, and so must've been the guests, right.

    1. Thank you Ambika! My daughter did enjoy it. I saw that her plans were put into the party as well. I noticed that as the kids grow older the stress is a bit lighter!

  2. What a great idea for a themed birthday party. I love all the color, and you cake turn out amazing!!! Sounds like everyone had a great time and daughter enjoyed her day.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Yes Valerie! This time around, the party planning and event was easy. Thankfully some good planning and that my daughter helped eased a lot of the stress!

  3. Splendid peacock party.Being a peacock lover myself loved everything about it, eps how you kept it understated but still elegant..If only i had a daughter!!! but then i am sure i would have gone overboard:))

  4. Wow, what a pretty picturesque peacock themed Birthday celebrations! The pendants too are so delicate and lovely ! Everything looks so much fun and with style.
    Hugs and blessings to your little girl.


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