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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fabulous Friday Finds: Gold Serving Decor for Christmas

You know when you walk into a Book store, you don't think much. You only think of buying books right?

Well, with all the marketing strategies nowadays, bookstores now not only keep books, they also keep jewelry (not happy with that because of you know why) and home decor!!!!

I was at the local Chapter's Store and I was actually giddy headed seeing these gold serving bowls and platters. I am going again in the weekend to get these after a bit of chatting with the hubby. I am hoping he will approve of at least the gold bowls. I need 6 of them.  You have to see them in person. They are really gift worthy too!

Gold serving Bowls

Gold Serving Platter

And aren't these bubbly champagne flutes adorable?

Picture courtesy: Chapters/Indigo

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