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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sankranthi/Happy Bihu

Happy Sankranthi or Happy Bihu!

Sankranthi or Bihu is the harvest festival celebrated all over India during Jan 14/Jan 15 annually!

My husband would say Sankranthi, because he is half Kashmiri-half Punjabi

I say Bihu because my roots are from Assam, India.

Whether you call it Bihu or Sankranthi....means the same -Celebrate the Harvest festival!

Sharing the traditional Bihu dance from Assam.

Today, I plan to make spicy Pongal (a rice dish made with moong lentils) and also make flavored sticky rice (Which is found only in Assam) which we will relish with some brown sugar and cream! And also enjoy some til ke laddoos (Sesame sweets) This is also the time when the International Kite festival is also held annually in Ahmedabad, India
Picture courtesy: Toronto Sun


  1. Happy Sankranti/Lohri /Pongal to you too

  2. Pongal sounds delicious! I wish I knew how to make Indian food. I only know how to go to the Indian restaurant for the real deal. Sigh.


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