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Friday, March 25, 2011


Miriam Chandy Menacherry, the founder director of Filament Pictures, India is known for her socially relevant films.  Miriam is armed with a post graduate degree  in Mass Communications from AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi, has worked for CNBC and also has had the experience of writing and directing for several international documentary channels that include National Geographic  and  BBC WORLD

Presenting a few pictures that have brought Miriam accolades.  For more on her productions- see HERE.


A film that focuses on the experiment to bring electricity to a remote village in Jharkand using bio diesel. 


Every year, in India, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with lot of fanfare. 

In a housing society in Dharavi Asia’s biggest slum, a group of Govindas tries to break the pot but things are going a little differently…Finalist for the Webtalkies Festival, Nautanki TV

ROBOT JOCKEY (for National Geographic)

When  Qatar decides to silence international criticism by banning the use of child jockeys and introducing robots instead. 

 A film  about the race to create a robot to take over the camel races…a challenge that begins with coaxing  cantankerous camels to accept a metallic rider and culminating with camel owners struggling to embrace the new technology. Can robots win the hearts and imagination of the camel crazy public? 

Miriam's latest production THE RAT RACE  a documentary about the rat killers of the city of  Mumbai, India is the winner of the prestigious MIPDOC co production challenge 2011, Cannes. 

Behram Harda, the legendary Pied Piper of Mumbai who has killed 2.8 million rats in 37 years, motivates his team to wage a relentless battle every night against rodents that threaten to overrun India's commercial capital 
Mumbai.  A glimpse of this documentary - 

Image courtesy and video: filament pictures

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  1. Very commendable work, Miriam! Wish you more and more success! Nice feature, Reshma.


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