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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ganesha - India's Elephant God

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Hindus in India worship several Gods and Goddesses, but the one God that is invariably worshipped first and loved the most is Lord Ganesha. The most striking feature is the Elephant Head which represents wisdom. The broken tusk is the symbol for learning and pursuit of wisdom. See the above picture for Ganesha's symbolism. In general, Ganesha is the Lord of Good Fortune; the Destroyer of Obstacles.  Throughout India and in the Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha is the first idol placed in any home and his blessings are invoked at the beginning of any good task.

Ganeshas make beautiful decorations at home and I have been collecting them for a while.  Here's mine..

Ganesha's made out of clay. Created by an artist from Bengaluru. 

But today's post is about the unique collection of GANESHAs.  Come and see  the personal collection of Lord Ganesha at Bidyut and Sumona Datta's beautiful home in Mississauga. Sumona has been collecting Ganesha idols for over 2 decades. The pictures do not do justice to the actual creations. You really have to see them at their home. Sumona has over 100 ganeshas I took pictures of a few unique ones. 

GANESHAS made of brass/metal

This Ganesha is holding an umbrella!

Made in Nepal, this beautiful brass bell has Ganesha all around.

Ganesha made by Tribal artisans from India possibly from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh

GANESHA made from a Coconut shell

Ganesha made out of clay
Beautiful peacock motifs on brilliant blue ears

GANESHA made out of Goldstone 


Ganesha made out of fabric...cute isn't it?

Wooden toy ganesha

 GANESHA on brass lamps


GANESHAS playing music

GANESHA  taking a ride on a boat

The warrior GANESHA

GANESHA depicted on a Tanjore Painting

GANESHA carved in Marble

This one is really a heavy work of art!

GANESHA  used as a wedding favour. 
The conch painting was made by Sumona's mother. 

Do you see the incense stick holder ?

Guess what the  Ganesha picture is made of?

The artist has used spices mustard, pepper, cloves, onion seeds, turmeric...
Isnt't that absolutely fantastic?


GANESHA made out of clay by Sumona Datta


I hope you enjoyed viewing  this unique collection of Ganeshas. Sumona has so many Ganeshas, I could only put up these.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the pictures of Ganesha. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Thanks Aradhana! I had thoroughly enjoyed writing this post.

  3. Ohh-I too love the Ganesha pictures, and finding out so much about the meanings. Loved the Ganesha riding the boat!

  4. Thanks Marilyn!I liked the Ganesha on the boat as well...

  5. really a superb collection................thanks!


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